Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’: CeCe and Rocky Take Japan (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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'Shake it up's Ainsley Bailey
The star talks bout the season finale and favorite moments.
The Disney Channel’s Shake It Up is heading to Japan.

In a 90-minute event full of music and dances to make you “shake it up,” best friends Rocky (Zendaya) and CeCe (Bella Thorne) win a once in a lifetime trip to Japan after battling dance crews from across the country to star in an interactive dance video game.

Celebuzz has an exclusive clip of the girls in Japan in which things are not looking very friendly.

What could be the cause of tension between BFFs, Rocky and CeCe?

It seems the girls have different ideas on what Japan can give them. While Rocky wants to explore and see everything the country has to offer, CeCe wants them to become the dance superstars they’ve always wanted to be. Attempting to figure out plans for the night, Rocky opts for a traditional dance performance and CeCe is focused on heading to the karaoke bar so that they might be discovered. Getting angry, Rocky tells her “CeCe, I’m going to do what I want to do and you can’t change my mind.”

The special will also feature Ty (Roshon Fegan) and Deuce (Adam Irigoyen) living it up, Gunter (Kenton Duty) and Tinka (Caroline Sunshine) searching for new clothes and Flynn (DavisCleveland) fighting the clock to save the word from The Rocky and CeCe computer virus. The always-amazing Blue Man Group will also perform.

Shake It Up: Made in Japan airs Friday at 8 PM on The Disney Channel.

Watch the exclusive clip above.

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