‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel Gets Sexy, Drama Ahead for Klaine, Brittana and Finchel (PHOTOS)

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On the upcoming season of Fox’s Glee, it looks like Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is ditching her signature knee-high socks and cardigan for something much sexier. Obviously, Kate Hudson’s character, Cassandra July, must have something to do with this revealing new ensemble.

Michele, 25, posted two sexy photos from the New York set of Glee to Twitter on Wednesday, teasing Rachel’s brand new look. The photos were apparently taken during the show’s anticipated Britney Spears tribute episode. “It’s Britney b#*ch,” Michele teased.

What else is ahead for your favorite characters?

Unfortunately for Finchel fans, Rachel isn’t doing this steamy Britney dance alone. Her dance partner is none other than NYADA hotshot Brody (Dean Geyer). However, in an on-set interview with E! Online, Michele promises that the dance isn’t as flirty as it appears to be.

“We haven’t really been doing too much together,” Michele said, regarding Brody and Rachel’s apparent chemistry. “Rachel asks him to help her with this number and that’s kind of it for now.”

But what about her feelings for Finn (Cory Monteith)? “Rachel, in the first few episodes, is really always thinking about Finn. She is all about Finn. That’s where her head is at,” Michele told E! Online. “And this guy Brody just kind of keeps sort of popping up a little bit. He’s interested, so we’ll see where it goes.”

It might go further than Finchel fans want it to. But Rachel and Finn’s future as a couple isn’t the only relationship in danger this season.  TV Line recently chatted with Glee executive producer Brad Falchuk, who revealed that none of Glee couples are safe in Season 4. “All of the core relationships are tested,” he said, previewing the fourth episode in the season, titled “The Break-Up.”

He added: “I’m not going to say who breaks up and who doesn’t, but they all — Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn — get kicked in the nuts. And it’s all about how do they recover — and can they recover? And some don’t. Absolutely some don’t. Of those couples, not all of them are going to make it. It’s like Titanic.”

Hopefully, none of these couples let go without a fight.

The fourth season of Glee kicks off Sept. 13 at 9 PM on FOX.