‘Expendables 2’: 10 Little-Known Facts About the Action Flick (VIDEO)

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Two years after its first installment thrilled moviegoers, The Expendables 2 is set to hit theaters on Aug. 17.

In the over-the-top action-packed sequel, original star squad of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Terry Crews is joined by gun-totting newcomers Liam Hemsworth and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

So as fans prepare for the Expendables 2‘s throwback thrills and bullet-addled battles, Celebuzz is revealing 10 behind-the-scenes facts about the nostalgic film and its star-studded cast.

To kick if off: Before Crews landed the role, what actor was supposed to play Hale Caesar?

Hale Caesar was a role originally intended for Wesley Snipes. But the action star was forced to turn down the part due to his court battle — and subsequent jail time — for unpaid taxes.

Also eyed? Forrest Whitaker. And then 50 Cent. But when Stallone caught backlash over the casting of the hardcore rapper, the film found a new man for the job: Former NFL player and actor Terry Crews.

With all the on-set action stunts, Sly Stallone got a few bumps and bruises.

How many injuries did the veteran actor suffer for the sake of art? Fourteen for the first Expendables blockbuster. Stallone even broke his neck while going head-to-head with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Watch the video (above) to hear all 10 need-to-know facts about the action thriller.

Will catch Hemsworth in the Expendables 2 on the big screen? Weigh in below.

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