‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’s’ Melissa Gorga Reveals Story Behind Husband Joe’s Napa Nudity; Talks Current State of Relationship With Teresa Giudice (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga sat down with Celebuzz executive editor Joseph Kapsch for a fun and far-ranging discussion at NYC’s W Hotel Union Square, where she was celebrating the launch of Voli Vodka Light Line of which she’s a spokesperson.

During the chat over drinks, the super delightful Gorga spoke about whether viewers can expect the current ceasefire in the drama with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice to hold out for the rest of the season.

“There’s a couple don’t miss moments coming up between Caroline and Teresa and the Posh Fashion show has some stuff,” revealed Gorga.

The Napa Valley trip episodes, filmed last year, featured a thaw in the relationship between Gorga and Giudice along with some very welcome lighthearted moments between the families.

When asked about the current state of the relationship with Giudice, Gorga responded: “Well, what you’re seeing now is footage from last summer, so there’s a lot happening in a year’s time. It got a little rocky, unfortunately, not because I wanted it to, or because I didn’t do everything you’re seeing in these episodes.  Everything you saw on this last episode was real. I meant every moment of it. I was truly, genuinely truly enjoying her company. I would never imagine someone would throw a punch after that…  But there’s a couple bumps that come after that and you’ll see them on the show.”

Gorga also revealed the real story behind why husband Joe Gorga was stripped down to his undies for most of last Sunday’s episode.

“I wish my husband would stop getting naked in front of the camera. What is that? [laughs] We’ll be sitting on the couch watching the show and I’ll look at him and say, ‘Do you like this?’ ” joked Gorga, “No, but see they didn’t show why he was in his underwear the whole episode. He had a bet with Albie [Manzo]. My husband had these really nice swim shorts. These awesome swim shorts that I just bought for him and so Albie wanted to wear them and they had a bet and Albie won the bet so he had to give his shorts to Albie. But they didn’t show that, so you’re just thinking he’s just walking around in his underwear, but there was a reason he was.”

The stripping down was all in fun on the show, but the scenes of course begged the question: Would Gorga ever allow her husband to pose for Playgirl? Or would she ever bare it all in Playboy if Hugh Hefner came calling?

“No, no… I don’t need to. I prefer to keep people wondering,” Gorga said.

The Gorgas have quickly become a favorite among Real Housewives viewers so any chance Bravo would consider a spin-off?

When asked would she consider a Bravo spinoff opportunity if offered, Gorga told Celebuzz: “Absolutely, I would… Now that Bethenny is off the air they need another couple’s show.”

While on the topic of other stars of the Bravo franchise, Celebuzz wondered if Gorga was asked to “Housewife Swap” with any of the ladies who would be her top 3 picks?  Watch video below for her fun answers.

The conversation turned from Real Housewives to Gorga’s budding career as a pop and dance music artist. She recently shot her very first music video in NYC at the Dream Hotel. The dance track, “I Just Wanna,” features a collaboration with Santino Noir. In the sexy video, Gorga channels her inner Beyonce and J. Lo, who she’s made no secret about being two of her musical inspirations.

Gorga told Celebuzz she will be releasing a 5 track EP of her music. But as far as when a full-length album will be released for fans, she said there’s no immediate plans just “yet.”

When asked which music artist (living or dead) would be her dream collaboration, Gorga said…

Watch the video below for her answer and more of Celebuzz’s interview with Gorga.