Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Fitness Instructor Mandy Ingber Talks Doing Yoga With Kate Beckinsale (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Beckinsale stays fit by practicing yoga five times a week (yes, you read that right) with Hollywood fitness instructor Mandy Ingber.

The celebrity trainer and author of the upcoming Yogalosophy: 28-day Mind Body Makeover (out 2013) recently sat down with Celebuzz to share the fitness secrets that keep Beckinsale — who ranked No. 34 on the Celebuzzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — in fighting shape.

What’s it like to work with Beckinsale? And what are the Total Recall star’s favorite workout routines?

Read on for Celebuzz’s full Q&A with Ingber to find how you can look just a little bit more like Kate Beckinsale. (Hey, we can all dream.)

Celebuzz: What’s it like to work with Beckinsale?
Mandy Ingber: Kate Beckinsale is a very fun person who maintains a very healthy lifestyle. She likes to practice yoga only. If one of us is not in town, we will Skype. She is actually the one who introduced me to Skype. I love it because there are no excuses!


Celebuzz: Beckinsale is known for her action flick roles; how does her workout support the kind of intense training she has to endure for films like Total Recall?
MI: When Kate shot Total Recall, I joined her in Toronto. When I visited the set I saw a fight scene that she did and finally understood why she needed so much yoga! Fun fact: Her daughter, Lily Sheen, can do flips and enacted an exact replica of the fight scene between Kate and Jessica Biel. It’s all caught on film by director Len Wiseman — who is also Kate’s husband — so it’s a real family affair.

Celebuzz: How did you design a plan that works for her?
MI: I tend to mix it up a little, but [I] bring in my basic strong flow series and incorporate some of my Yogalosophy moves to maximize benefits and toning. She is a very strong yoga practitioner and is naturally adept, so I quickly realized we could incorporate a lot of balancing postures to engage the core and the stabilizing muscles. We generally move consistently through yoga postures and toners at 30 reps each, but we tend to hold the balance poses longer.


Celebuzz: What are Beckinsale’s favorite exercises?
MI: We incorporate back bends and lots of stretching. Kate is also a big fan of Savasana, which is the final resting pose.

Celebuzz: What has been the star’s biggest fitness challenge so far?
MI: The biggest challenge is keeping a straight face while her many small animals run around us with bows in their hair, sliding their doggie butts on the mat. They also tend to gather around when Kate gets into Savasana. She has been relieved that it is her dog licking her hand and not me.


Ingber’s Top Diet Tips For a Bikini-Ready Body Like Kate’s:

1. Eliminate sugar, alcohol, and caffeine from your diet.

These foods are depleting and have no nutritional value.

2. Eat protein at each meal.

Choose healthier snack alternatives: almond butter, coconut milk, pistachio nuts,and blueberries and rice cakes.


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Written by Kira Coplin