‘Glee’ Season 4 Sneak Peek: Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Colfer Cozy Up On Set (PHOTO)

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Colfer look pretty chummy in this photo, taken on the set of FOX’s hit Glee. But when the camera starts rolling, it’s back to business. And for Kurt (Colfer), that probably means fetching Isabelle (Parker) a non-fat latte.

When the fourth season of Glee kicks off, a very “bored and aimless” Kurt will leave Lima, Ohio to follow his dreams to New York City. There, as we previously reported, he’ll intern for Vogue.com and work under editor Isabelle Klempt.

What else is in store for Kurt in season four? 

Kurt and Rachel (Lea Michele) will move off the island and into a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y. Given the pair’s combined gross income, it doesn’t look like these BFFs will be hanging with fabulous Upper East Siders anytime soon.

But thanks to Kurt’s new gig at Vogue, they may be able to look like them. Kurt, with some much needed help from Isabelle, will give Rachel a stylish new makeover. Bye bye colorful headbands and knee socks, hello black.

For Parker, the actress is returning to her fashion-forward Carrie Bradshaw roots. Here’s hoping we get at least one Sex and the City reference in Season 4. For instance, is Rachel a Charlotte who’s trying to hard to be a Samantha? Is Kurt a Miranda or does his fashion sense make him a Carrie? Will Rachel don Carrie’s infamous tutu? The possibilities are endless.

Glee Season 4 premieres Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 PM on FOX.

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