‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Cece Spills Secrets, Jenna Warns Emily

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Troian teases Paige's past
One of the PLL stars tell us Paige's secrets.
Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars threw some major developments into the pot before next week’s revealing summer season finale and most were concerning Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) girlfriend Paige (Lindsay Shaw).

While we knew Paige and Allison’s (Sasha Pieterse) past relationship was not going to be a friendly one, we didn’t realize just how down and nasty it would get. And with a warning to Emily from Jenna (Tammin Sursok), could we now know who the betrayer and killer is?

Note: Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen Tuesday’s episode, “Single Fright Female.”

Before we get to the juicy details regarding these girls’ sordid past, let’s make a quick pit stop over in Montgomery land where Ezra’s former girlfriend, Maggie (Larisa Oleynik) made an appearnce. To ease Ezra’s (Ian Harding) concern over her well being, Aria (Lucy Hale) found Maggie and pretended to be a coed interested in teaching to ensure she was OK. Too bad, she also found out that she has a son named Malcom, around the age of 7 who happens to look a lot like Ezra. Conveniently when Ezra called her to check in, she decided to leave out this information. So the question now is… Is this baby actually Ezra’s? We guess we’ll have to wait until next week’s finale to find out.

As we will for the reveal of “The Lady Killer” and the betrayer whom we’re assuming is one and the same. On Tuesday, it was all about Paige. Apparently, the swimmer has had a thing for Em for quite some time now and Allison was well aware of her crush. In a flashback of Cece (Vanessa Ray) and Allison we see the two talking about how Ali pretended to write a note to her from Emily saying how she often had hot fantasies about her even though she had a boyfriend. While the flashback ended with Ali threatening Paige about her secret crush and exclaiming, “I own you now,” CeCe also mentioned to Spencer, “I think Ali was a little scared of that girl.”

Upon hearing this information from Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily wasn’t having any of it. Of course, Spencer thought if perhaps she and Hanna (Ashley Benson) could get some proof, then Em would have to listen. Cut to them finding Ali’s earring in Paige’s bag. Um, WHAT?

Paige was surprisingly forthcoming with Emily at the end of “Single Fright Female” going so far as to say “I knew her well enough to hate her guts” in reference to Ali. Then with a warning from Jenna to “be very careful who you spend time with Emily. Very careful” all signs appear to be pointing to Paige as the one responsible for Maya’s (Bianca Lawson) death. But is it really that obvious?

Hear us out here because we might be talking crazy, but does anyone else think Nate (Sterling Sulieman) could somehow be involved in something? Or at least the reason behind Jenna’s warning? The boy appears to have some serious anger and resentment issues when scorned by the opposite sex. Not only did he lash out at Emily after she told him they needed to remain just friends but he also got testy when Hanna told him that Jenna had pretended to be blind. To top it off, he appeared very annoyed with the parts of Emily’s personality that reminded him of Maya. There’s just something about her cousin that makes us uneasy. SUPER uneasy.

Of course he isn’t on ABC Family’s suspect tracker so it looks like we can cross him out as the betrayer for next week or so they want us to think?? Paige is still leading the tweets by fans for their No. 1 suspect with 40 percent of the votes but let’s just say she’s not the only one in our heads.

Buzz Moments

OMG: Spencer finds Ali’s earring in Paige’s bag!! Good luck explaining that one Paige!

Thank you, TV gods: For now, it appears things are out in the open between Em and Paige as they both spilled secrets to each other during the episode but could Paige have even more, maybe deadly secrets hiding up her sleeve? We’re not sure, but we’re happy people at least seem to be telling the truth these days. Secrets kill people.

Awk-ward: How unbelievably awkward was Paige and Spencer’s scene in the shop talking about fresh starts? Seriously, it was hard to watch.

Hotness: Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) surprising Hanna in the dressing room and then telling her he needs to touch her. HOTNESS!!

Fab-u-lous: Most of the dresses at CeCe’s shop were cute but Spence’s was definitely the best. You can pick it up at Anthropologie.

Can. Not. Wait.: Original “A” Mona is back next Tuesday and it’s t-minus 7 days until #thebetrAyal… Who is at the top of your suspect list?!?!

Celebuzz (1-10): 9

Do you think Paige is the culprit? Are you feeling strange about Nate as well? Sound off with all your theories for #thebetrAyal below!