Alanis Morissette Confirms She’s in Talks With ‘American Idol’

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JLO's advice for Mariah
The former 'Idol' judge has advice for new panelist Mariah Carey.
Reports say the singers are close to become judges on the show.
Another day, another singer’s being eyed for the judge’s panel on American Idol as Alanis Morissette confirms she’s in talks to join the upcoming season of the FOX singing competition.

The Jagged Little Pill rocker told CNN at the Hollywood Rockwalk induction ceremony that she has “been in conversations about it, and that’s the degree to which I can share the info right now.”

So would the singer really be open to the position?

Morissette, 38, said she’d definitely be interested in the opportunity. “I live to mentor, so my heart is much more open to the idea of that than even 10 years ago when I, perhaps, wasn’t in a position to be able to offer much advice, solicited or otherwise.”

“But I love watching people and just getting really curious about what they want and what they need and what their goals are, and then I can support them. I would do it formally, for sure,” she added.

Recent reports have indicated that Nicki Minaj andEnrique Iglesias may be close to joining confirmed judge Mariah Carey at the judge’s table.

On Tuesday, Celebuzz reported that Minaj is “100 percent confirmed to judge American Idol.” Yet, FOX and Minaj’s reps have not confirmed. Meanwhile Iglesias’ rep told Celebuzz, “Idol has expressed a lot of interest but no final word on either side yet.”

A report from The Hollywood Reporter indicated these three along with Keith Urban could make up a four-judge panel for the new season if executives decide to expand past three judges.

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers also tweeted to fans that he was being considered for a position as well.

FOX told Celebuzz they have no comment on Morissette’s statements.

Who would you like to see join Carey at the American Idol judge’s table? Would  Morissette be a good fit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!