‘Bachelor Pad 3’s’ Erica Rose Slams ABC Producers After Elimination

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Hell hath no fury like a scorned Bachelor Pad 3 contestant.

And Erica Rose — a two-time Bachelor Pad veteran in only three seasons, and The Bachelor before that — was sent packing Monday from this season’s Bachelor Pad — and appears scorned.

“The producers convinced me, I remember having the debate with them, they were like,’You can postpone your bar exam,'” Rose told Celebuzz at Wednesday’s Aid Still Required benefit in Hollywood.

“I’m looking back on it in a bittersweet way for sure,” she adds. “Because I had to put my entire life on hold. I just finished law school. I was getting ready to take the bar exam.”

Why exactly is Rose upset at the network that put her on ‘Bachelor Pad 3’?

She explained, “I really thought they wanted me to come back. Maybe they’ll all win, or maybe I’ll find someone I even like. None of that happened. So, I’m like, I understand that I helped them get ratings. But what I did get out of it? Nothing.”

Now, Rose, 29, a lawyer, is waxing familial and close to home — as she relocates to Houston back from L.A. Next up is passing the bar exam.

“I’m at this weird point in my life, where I’m like, ‘I’m 29. By the time I’m 30, I need to have my career in order. And really need to find someone to marry,'” Rose said. “I think that screwing around on reality TV has really put me behind a lot of my friends.”

With an University of Houston law degree in hand, Rose says she has a job waiting for her — but is keeping the firm name secret.

“Law school was very, very hard — but not as hard as Bachelor Pad,” Rose said, with a laugh. “I mean, I’m better at law school than I am at Bachelor Pad. It’s more real. But also, I’m better at mental challenges than I am at physical ones.”

Want more Rose on reality TV — just because she’s done with her third show? Don’t fear — it may be a reality.

“I’m not done,” Rose told Celebuzz. “I would love to do a Legally Blonde kind of show or a Judge Judy court show in Houston, and integrate my law degree into my life. Because I’ve neglected it long enough.”





What do you think of Erica’s ousting? Would you like to see her back on reality TV?