Michael Phelps Celebrates Retirement With Pool Party in Las Vegas (GALLERY)

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Michael Phelps steps out with girlfriend Megan Rossee.
Only Michael Phelps would celebrate his retirement with a weekend-long pool party.

The 27-year-old Olympian, who has taken home 18 gold medals in his career, partied poolside Saturday afternoon at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. Phelps celebrated his retirement from competitive swimming alongside his fans, friends and teammates — including Allison Schmitt, Nathan Adrian and Charles Houchin.

But there was one person missing from Phelps’ weekend festivities. 

He kicked off his weekend-long party with bikini-clad waitresses, vodka, a cake decorated with gold medals, and a DJ set from superstar David Guetta. However, rumored girlfriend Megan Rossee was nowhere in sight.

And unlike Prince Harry’swild Sin City romp, the Olympian managed to keep his clothes on. At one point, People reports the commonly stoic Phelps addressed the entire crowd, shouting, “This is my first night of retirement at Surrender!”

The decorated swimmer became the most winning Olympian ever at this year’s London games, with 22 overall medals. He took the record from former Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, who had held the record for 48 years.