Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana Reunite on the Red Carpet at Hollywood Premiere of ‘The Words’

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Exes can come together — even on red carpets.

Former couple — and current costars — Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana reunited Tuesday for the Hollywood premiere of their new drama, The Words.

Cooper and Saldana posed for photos alongside each other in cast shots, and walked the red carpet line separately.

Will we see more of Bradley and Zoe?

When asked on the red carpet about Saldana, Cooper was quick to give compliments not just to his ex — but to the entire cast — essentially avoiding talking about Saldana at length.

Cooper and Saldana dated for several months, dating back to late 2011, and broke up in March.

The couple was photographed kissing and walking arm in arm earlier this year.

Saldana split with her fiancee, Keith Britton, after 11 years, last November.

Saldana, who was photographed wearing a cast on her wrist recently, has been missing from the film’s New York and Philadelphia premieres.

What do you think of Bradley and Zoe together? Are you going to see ‘The Words’?