‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil May Seek ‘Professional Help’ For Anxiety After Bizarre Appearance at New York Club, Says Husband

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After staggering on stage while slurring her words during a bizarre appearance at a Manhattan club on Aug. 29, “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil could be headed to rehab — to cope with her newfound infamy.

“It might be necessary,” the 44-year-old’s husband Richard Krentcil told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview.

“I think she’ll see some individual counseling… to get things sorted out.

“Nothing has been decided yet. We will talk about it as a family and she will seek counseling treatment, if she wants.”

The “Tan Mom” husband revealed the mother-of-five has been on a regimen of prescription medication to deal with anxiety after she pled not guilty in May to a child endangerment charge.

The Nutley, N.J. woman — who prosecutors allege took her daughter to a tanning salon and bringing her to a tanning bed, causing a slight sunburn — was the guest of honor at a roast at the XL Cabaret in Manhattan.

Though the night was billed on the club’s website as the “Redhot Media Sensation,” Krentcil was booted out after an alcohol-induced scene on the red carpet and then on stage.

“My daughter was never in that salon,” she declared at one point during the event, adding. “Cha-ching!”

But according to her husband, if Krentcil seeks treatment it would be to help her deal with her newfound national notoriety and not anything more sinsiter.

“This happened very quickly so she’s very sensitive to everything,” said Richard. “She doesn’t understand what’s going on. So she gets nervous and frustrated.”

Richard added that his sun-roasted wife has been on prescription medication, which she took before last week’s event.

“She’s been having extra anxiety and she doesn’t sleep well. She also has stomach issues,” he added.

“Patricia got there really early and everything was fine. She took medication to calm down. She was overtired and very overwhelmed.

“She only had a couple drinks and her anxiety compounded it. But she knows what to take and what not to take.”

He added that the fame has been “hard to handle” for “Tan Mom” to handle.

The husband said, “She knows it was a mistake. I don’t think she realized how her life is under a microscope and how everyone looks at everything. I don’t think that (behavior) will continue though.”

Since making headlines, the suburban mother has been the inspiration for a “tanorexic” doll manufactured and also graced the pages of In Touch, posing without her trademark tan after the magazine challenged her to go without tanning, real or fake, for a month.

Her husband said she has been using the handbook, The Skin Regime, by Dana Ramos to help Krentcil do at home glycolic peels, to heal her skin — and hasn’t been inside a tanning bed in five months, apparently.

“So far she likes the way she looks when she’s not tanning,” Richard told Celebuzz.

“She’ll occasionally do spray tanning on her body, but not on her face. She wants to get her skin back to a healthy level.”