Kendra Wilkinson on Fashion, Only Having 3 Pairs of Shoes and Having More Babies (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Kendra & Baby Hank
Kendra Wilkinson and her lil' man at the park!
Don’t exepct Kendra Wilkinson to add to her family anytime soon as the mother of one says she is just having too much fun.

“I’m done with the baby thing right now and I am happy,” the Kendra on Top star toldCelebuzzon the red carpet for Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday.

Wilkinson said having one child — little Hank Baskett Jr, 2, — is enough … For now.

So when does Wilkinson and husband former NFL player, Hank Baskett, 30, plan to have more babies?

“We both want it,” Wilkinson said.

“I’m having too much fun.”

“We are the greatest parents but were just having a good time right now.”

However, the no babies for the moment rule is not OK with one member of the family — baby Hank.

“Little Hank wants a baby,” Wilkinson said.

“He just loves babies, eveytime he sees a baby he is like, ‘I want to hold the baby,’ and I’m like ‘I don’t.'”

Even without another baby, having a two-year-old certainly keeps Wilkinson’s hands full.

With so little time for shopping, Wilkinson has come up with a fashion solution — buying the best basics and leaving at that.

Wearing a Bebe black and white dress with Gucci shoes to the Fashion’s Night Out event at the Beverly Centre in Los Angeles, Calif., Wilkinson reveals she has to borrow shoes as she only has three pairs.

“In my closet, I have three basic shoes that I choose from and I usually keep them for about a year,” the star said.

“I have one nude pair, one black pair and another black pair  with a peep toe.”

“If I go shoe shopping, I’m going to buy the top of the line shoes but I am only going to buy three pairs.”