‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Still Up In the Air Weeks Before Shooting Begins (EXCLUSIVE)

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'RHOOC' star Alexis Bellino poolside
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Rossi guest blogs for Celebuzz on the NYC gals.
It’s three weeks before Real Housewives of Orange County starts filming season 8 — and not everyone is in place yet, Celebuzz has learned exclusively.

While offers are out to numerous prospective first time “Housewives” — the jury is still out on who will return.

“Yeah, that’s true — the network always likes to have a couple backups,” said RHOOC star Slade Smiley on Wednesday.

What’s happening with the OC Housewives?

“Someone could come on, not like what we’ve seen last year, and not deliver any authenticity, and be lovey-dovey. They always hire other people that bring conflict to the show, so we never know who may end up being a full-time Housewife.

“They may bring someone and exit them that I don’t know about. Maybe Alexis doesn’t want to come back. She may film long enough to not come back,” Smiley told Celebuzz at the KIIS-FM Video Music Awards lounge, in L.A.

Alexis Bellino has been one vocal cast member who has voiced doubts about returning to the drama-filled hit Bravo show for its eighth season, unless she has a friend alongside her to back her up.

The current OC Housewives cast appear to be expecting new personnel changes.

“When somebody new comes in, it always brings some spice, some fun to the show — so I’m always open to new girls,” Slade’s paramour and  RHOOC costar Gretchen Rossi told Celebuzz, also at the KIIS-FM lounge.

“Whatever happens with the girls, it doesn’t give me anxiety or anything,” Rossi said. “It’s in the background of what I’m focused on doing.”

Rossi noted that she’s in the dark, regarding names of new cast.

“I don’t know who the new ones are yet — they haven’t told us,” Rossi said.

While Smiley knows offers have been made to new ladies — he said he is also clueless about specifics.

“I don’t think that I’m aware of the people they’ve talked to,” Smiley said.

There have been shakeups throughout the Real Housewives franchises — from New York and Orange County to Miami and D.C., the latter of which weren’t brought back for future seasons.

What may not change are the relationships the casts of shows have with other casts.

Rossi and Smiley, for example, are close with recently split, longtime husband and wife Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof, stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The two couples have double-dined in the OC, Smiley said, on the Maloof/Nassif family trips to Disneyland.

The divorce news came as a shock to Rossi and Smiley.

“I was very sad — I texted Adrienne immediately,” Rossi said. “She’s obviously going through a really tough time. I wish them all the luck in the world. It’s very tough to lay out your relationship in the public eye.”

Smiley added, “Their banter to us always seemed like they communicated. It was very difficult to tell there was actually an issue. So it’s sad to hear that happened.”


Do you think we’re going to see some exits and entrances on next season of Real Housewives of Orange County?