Pippa Middleton’s Most Stylish Looks: She May Not Quite Be Royal but She Is Fashionable (GALLERY)

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In honor of Pippa Middleton’s 29th birthday this week, we’re celebrating the royal sister’s transformation from the world’s most famous butt…er, bridesmaid to fashion A-lister.

Like her older sister, Kate Middleton, Pippa has become known for her ladylike sensibility and knack for mixing high-low designers.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Pippa can borrow from her big sis’ closet full of royal duds — a perk she takes full advantage of, often appearing in the same fascinators, tailored coats and bright shifts that the Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed wearing.

Still, the differences in the sisters’ personalities are reflected in their wardrobes.

Unlike Kate’s more refined princess style, the younger Middletons frequently-photographed street style is edgier.

The tanned beauty isn’t afraid to experiment with trends, and unlike her sister’s preference for more classic silhouettes in solid hues, Pippa loves to rocks prints and play with texture, sporting everything from polka-dots and plaid to leopard and leather.

With her fit physique (the runner has competed in triathlons and other grueling endurance races), the 29-year-old looks great in pretty much everything she wears, including the white Alexander McQueen dress that hugged her curves so perfectly that fan sites and Facebook pages were launched in honor of her butt.

Needless to say, when it comes to great style, Pippa has given us ample material. So in celebration of 29 years of amazing style (or at least since we’ve had our eye on her), here’s a peek at some of Pippa Middleton’s most fashionable looks.