Former ‘Miss USA’ Ali Landry Gives Jessica Simpson Advice As She Prepares Post-Baby Body for Big Reveal (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ali Landry had her second child, a son Marcelo Alejandro, almost a year ago — and this new Hollywood mom has some advice for another star who recently opened up about her pregnancy pounds, Jessica Simpson.

“Give yourself a break,” the Hollywood Girls Night star, 38, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview at the grand opening of the Disney Baby Store at The Americana in Los Angeles Sept. 6.

“It takes nine months to put it on and it’ll take nine months to get it off. Don’t let society put so much pressure on you. You’re a mom; you’re doing the most important job in the world.”

What else did Landy tell Simpson, who gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew, on May 1?

The former Doritos spokesperson, who also has a daughter, 4-year-old Estela Ines with husband, director Alejandro Monteverde, praised Simpson’s candidness in a recent interview with USA Today.

“I thought that was an honest answer. I think a lot of women are in that situation,” she said, referring to Simpson’s comment that she wanted “to be happy and eat what I wanted.”

The singer and Weight Watchers spokesperson also admitted: “I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant and I wanted to enjoy it.”

“If you can get in a workout, eat healthy — great. But it’ll take time,” added Landry.

Landry said she’s actually five pounds away from reaching her pre-baby weight – and conceded that she doesn’t have much time to lose the rest.

“I have three or four weeks to lose it,” she told Celebuzz. “That’s my goal after each pregnancy for myself — to be in better shape after my baby than before.”

How does she plan to achieve the goal? Landry is going on a tropical vacation with her husband soon and in competing in the Malibu triathlon.

She added, “I have major motivation right now. I’ve been working out five days a week and so strict with my diet. I’m not doing processed foods, sugars. (I’m eating) all protein, vegetables, fruits, water.”

But it really comes down to just one person she cares about showing off for.

“I really just want to look great in my swimsuit for my husband when I go to Hawaii,” laughed Landry. “I just want to show my husband I can still keep it together.”