Suri Cruise Attends First Day of Private School in New York (PHOTOS)

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The little fashionista is finally straying away from her home-schooled roots and making her way into New York’s school district.

Suri Cruise, 6, is back to the books — she was spotted on Tuesday arriving for her first day of school at Avenues, the newest private school in Chelsea, New York.

Dressed to impress her new classmates, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got all dolled up in a preppy white cardigan and adorable pink hair bow.

Suri looked super cute, but are some people worried about her presence at Avenues?

Reportedly, the parents of students at the school are nervous that the extreme fame of Cruise may be destructive to their own little ones.

Education consultant Dana Hadded told Page Six, “I had two different parents call to tell me their children are beautiful young girls that look like Suri.”

She continued, “The girls will all be in uniforms, and they’re worried their daughters will be mistaken for Suri by the paparazzi outside the school.”

Anisha Ahooja, a former teacher at the Dalton School on the Upper East Side and author of Schooled,  even added that Suri’s future classmates could turn out to be just like the girls in popular flick Mean Girls.

 How do you think Suri will fit in at Avenues? Weigh in below.