‘The Voice’ Season 3 Premiere, Night 2 Recap: Disappointments and Dramatic Performances (VIDEO)

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The second night of The Voice’s three-night premiere did not disappoint as the coaches fought for their favorite singers. Each of the coach’s claws came out in full force as they did their best to win over the singing contestants on night two.

Tuesday’s blind auditions offered up tons of amazing singers, each with their own style. From country to pop, the singers took to the stage to win over the hearts of the four judges.

The night started with Christina Aguilera nabbing the first contestant, Adriana Louise from Brooklyn. The bartender made all four judges turn around during her dazzling rendition of Jessie J’s “Domino.”

Who else won over the judges on night two of the premiere?

Casey Muessigmann, 22, serenaded the audience with “Sweet Home Alabama”. The country singer, decked out in boots and a cowboy hat, got emotional when Blake Shelton (who he referred to as “the man”) turned his chair around immediately after hearing the singer belt a note. Muessigmann ultimately chose Shelton as his coach.

Third to the stage was fulltime musician, Aquile, 24, who blew the audience away with a bluesy version of “Your Song.” The ladies went wild for the Wyoming native and Levine did his best to win him over. Unfortunately for Adam Levine, Aguilera beat him for Aquile, whom he so desperately wanted.

Leann Rimes made a cameo, via video, as she gave her stamp of approval for contestant Ryan Fogarty, 28. The Nashville musician serves as a tour coordinator for Rimes and she discovered his talent during a night out at karaoke. Sadly for Fogarty, none of the judges were impressed enough to turn their chairs around and select him for their team.

Justin Bieber lookalike, Mackenzie Bourg, 19, went from a dramatic illness to performing for the world to see. After being diagnosed with a disease that almost caused his heart to fail, he learned to channel his anguish and creativity through music. His acoustic spin on Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” inspired Cee Lo Green to turn his chair around and eventually become Bourg’s coach.

The final singer of the evening, Julio Castillo, 21, chose to sing “La Bamba” – the first time a singer auditioned on the show entirely in Spanish. Shelton gave Castillo a standing ovation for the colorful performance and wanted to recruit him for his team immediately – Castillo didn’t hesitate and then chose Shelton as his coach.

The final tally? Shelton grabbed two more members for his team while Aguilera took the cake with three new singers for her team. Hopefully, Levine and Green will be able to win the hearts of the remaining singing contestants on Wednesday.

All in all, tonight’s auditions left some big shoes to fill for the third and final night of the premiere. We can’t wait to see what happens and we’ll all be on the edge of our seats to see if Green’s pink Moluccan Cockatoo makes another colorful cameo.

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