‘Lincoln’ Trailer Released: Daniel Day-Lewis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Take On the Historical Epic (VIDEO)

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First Look at 'Lincoln'
Steven Spielberg reveals poster for Abraham Lincoln biopic.
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In what felt like a four score and seven years wait, fans were finally treated to a full length trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming historical epic, Lincoln, on Thursday.

Disney — along with the director and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt — debuted the trailer for the Oscar contender during a Google+ Hangout chat with fans.

The nearly two-minute preview picks up where the previous brief teaser left off, except now Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis appears and speaks onscreen in all his eerie Abraham Lincoln glory.

Before the trailer’s unveiling, helmer Spielberg was on hand to speak more on the historic film.

“It’s really about the content of Lincoln’s life, the last four months of his life,” Spielberg explained. “We treat him as a man, not a monument.”

Spielberg also emphasized that Lincoln was not intended to be a typical biopic, but rather an examination the President as a human being as he struggled to win the Civil War and abolish slavery.

The film also stars Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gordon-Levitt as Lincoln’s son, Robert. Lincoln will be released on November 16.

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