‘The X Factor’ Judge Demi Lovato Inspires Fans and Bullying Survivors to Get Matching Tattoos (PHOTOS)

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During The X Factor premiere on Sept. 12, it became apparent just why Simon Cowell chose Demi Lovato to be a judge on his retooled talent quest — because the 20-year-old “Stronger” songstress can relate to contestants.

One in particular struck a chord with Lovato and viewers: Jillian Jensen, the 19-year-old Massachusetts teen who overcame bullying in school.

“You can feel that pain,” the Disney star, 20, whispered to fellow judge Britney Spears during Jensen’s emotional performance of Jessie J’s “Who You Are.”

Jensen even revealed she had a tattoo, like Lovato, that states “Stay Strong.”

She’s not alone. Many fans have inked messages inspired by Lovato’s struggles, as this Celebuzz gallery shows.

The former Disney star is not shy about her ink, sporting a total of 9 tattoos that all hold significant meaning to the star.

It’s a way for her to stay out of trouble and focus on the bright future ahead of her.

What are the most significant tattoos?

1. A black and white feather on her right ribcage with the words “you make me beautiful.”

2. The words “stay strong” spelled out across both wrists.

3. A small cross on her right hand — representing her religious faith.

4. Lips tattooed on her body — representing a dear friendship.

5. On her left middle finger, a tattoo that reads “peace.”

6. “Faith” on her right forearm.

7. “Let Go & Let God” across the top of her feet.

Which tattoos are the most popular ones to copy? Click through our gallery to see fans’ tattoos devoted to Demi.