Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Triplets in ‘Stolen’ Security Tapes (VIDEO)

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Justin's Proposal to Jen
Aniston's beau popped the question at NYC eatery.
If you thought the nude photos of Kate Middleton were shocking, you’ll want to watch this “leaked” video of Jennifer Aniston, in which the TV and movie star is exposed as a car-crashing, wig-wearing diva who also happens to be pregnant with triplets.

Okay, before you go calling the tabloids, the video isn’t 100 percent real. It’s actually a viral campaign for SmartWater, a company Aniston has worked with for years, that allows the former Friends beauty to use her well-known comedic skills.

It also allows Aniston — who is engaged to her boyfriend of over a year, Justin Theroux — to fight back at all of those crazy tabloid rumors that have plagued her career.

Among the highlights: a “shocking” moment in which Aniston removes a stomach wrap to reveal a giant baby bump.

There’s also a cameo by Jimmy Kimmel, and a whole lot of SmartWater consumption.

Check out the hilarious video, above.