Kate Middleton Nude Photo Scandal: Duchess Should Have Been Better Protected to Avoid Topless Images, Says British Reality Star Cat Deeley (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Cat Deeley has weighed in on the Kate Middleton topless scandal saying it never would have happened — if someone had been doing their job properly.

The British So You Think You Can Dance host had her say on the scandal that has swept the world, questioning how a photographer was able to get close enough to take the scandalous images of the Duchess of Cambridge while she vactioned in France with husband Prince William.

“I think someone should have been taking a little more care,” the 35-year-old said on the red carpet for Audi and Derek Lam’s party to celebrate the 2012 Emmy Awards.

So why does the Emmy-nominated host place blame at the Palace’s feet?

While Deeley says she hasn’t seen the photographs of Middleton, she believes they should have never been allowed to be taken.

“One thing I will say is that as a British citizen, I pay taxes to make sure they are taken care of and looked after,” Deeley told Celebuzz at the pre-Emmy’s event on Sunday evening.

“It will always happen, that’s the world we are living in nowadays, that will always be a danger.

“I do think however, it was probably someone’s job to make sure … there weren’t photographs being taken.”

Putting the royal scandal of her homeland behind her, Deeley revealed she was surprised she’d been nominated for an Emmy for a second time for Outstanding Reality Host

“It was really, really exciting (to be nominated again),” she said.

With so many reality competitions around, Deeley unveiled the key to success — and she should know, SYTYCD is in its ninth season.

“What makes a great reality show is telling people’s stories,” she said.

“(In our show) dance is the narrative that runs through it, with The Voice it is singing, on X Factor it is singing and on American Idol it is singing too.”

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