The Wanted Strip Down to Their Briefs for Magazine Shoot (PHOTO)

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It looks like the boys of The Wanted are finally answering the age-old question: Boxers or briefs?

In a recent photo shoot with We Love Pop magazine, The Wanted strip down to their undergarments, making teenage girls everywhere swoon.

Your “universe will never be the same” after looking at this picture.

Hunky Max George keeps thing classic in a pair of tight, black briefs, while funny man Jay McGuiness makes a statement in a cartoonish briefs. As for Nathan Sykes, the youngest member of the man band opts for a simple pair of blue and white briefs.

Tom Parker stands out as the only one in The Wanted to choose baggy boxers, while Siva Kaneswaran looks like he’s posing for Calvin Klein in his skin-tight white briefs.

When they’re not passing the time in their underwear, The Wanted are hard at work recording their new album. The band has released its new single “I Found You,” which was written and produced by Steve Mac – the same man behind their global smash “Glad You Came.”

The track aims to capitalize on its predecessor success, and while the two songs share certain similarities, “I Found You” pushes the boy band boundaries.

Sykes arguably steals the track from his bandmates in the bridge, as he soulfully wails, “I said, people / We’re all looking for love tonight / But sometimes we can’t see it / We run by and find the love.”

“I Found You,” the lead track off The Wanted’s forthcoming album, officially drops in November. Head over to Direct Lyrics for the song’s full lyrics.