‘Vampire Diaries’ Elena Realizes She’s Dead: How Many Times Has She Almost Died? (VIDEOS, GALLERY)

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'TVD' Trailer: Elena's Death
This Season 4 Trailer will shock and shake you.
Alright, Vampire Diaries fans, it is your lucky day as we have not one but two new clips from the Season 4 premiere of the hit CW show.

As many of you know, Elena (Nina Dobrev) will be making her transition to the undead on this season’s premiere, “Growing Pains,” and it is absolutely heartbreaking watching her realize in the clip above that she is dead.

Which got us here at Celebuzz thinking, just how many times has Elena almost died? In just three seasons, the poor girl almost bit the bullet six times and even died in one episode.

With just under three weeks left to go until the big premiere, we’re reminiscing about the hard times our heroine has been through with video links, a gallery and a sneak peek at Season 4. 

With the exception of the car crash that Stefan (Paul Wesley) saved Elena from and her parents died in, Season 1’s episode, “Bloodlines,” marked the first time Elena almost died. The end of the previous episode was perhaps the biggest moment for Elena and Stefan actually consummated their relationship. But moments later, when she finds out about her remarkable resemblance to Katherine, she flees from the house in a panic and hits a mysterious person with her car. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) saves her and then kidnaps her for a road trip to Georgia.

Season 2 was particularly rough for Elena as there was at least two times she almost died and once when she actually did.

Elena’s first brush with death in this season was in the episode, “Rose,” when she was kidnapped by Rose (Lauren Cohan) and Trevor (Trent Ford). The duo had hoped to trade the Petrova doppelganger for their freedom from being on the run from the Originals. Of course, the Salvatores came to her rescue with crossbows, vervain grenades, and a stake in hand. While Elijah (Daniel Gillies) was put down for a while, we all know it’s not that easy to kill an Original.

Episodes later in “The Dinner Party,” Elena stabbed herself to force Elijah’s hand in a deal to protect those she loves from being hurt during her protection from Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Then after he obliged, she stabbed him with the dagger and Stefan saved her with his blood. We don’t believe one fan thought she’d actually die during this scene, but the shock of Elena actually stabbing herself sent us over the edge at the time.

Elena’s actual death took place in order for Klaus to complete the ritual of the moonstone and achieve his hybrid status during “The Sun Also Rises.” The Original drained her blood while Stefan looked on writhing in pain. She came back to life, and not as a vampire, through an old Bennett spell Bonnie (Kat Graham) performed linking her father John’s (David Anders) life to her own, keeping her spirit in tact and killing him.

On Season 3’s “The Reckoning,” Stefan is ordered to drink Elena by Klaus. Fighting his order, he tells her to run but she can only run so far before running into Klaus. Compelling him to turn off his humanity, the Ripper then goes into full beast mode and drains the love of his life. (Editor’s note: Paul Wesley, A ++++ performance here). After finding out the witch’s original plan and the need for Elena to live, Elena is brought to the hospital and orders Stefan to look after her.

The very next episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirt,” Elena is trapped in a burning vehicle by spirit Vicki (Kalya Ewell) and saved by Alaric (Matt Davis). The two of them then save Stefan who was lying unconscious in the back of the vehicle. Vicki was trying to kill Elena in order to keep Klaus’ hybrids from surviving so that she could come back to the world of the living. Obviously, her plan did not work out.

Then we have Elena’s tragic death on the Season 3 Finale, “The Departed.” After Matt’s (Zach Roerig) truck goes off the Wickery bridge because of Rebekah, Elena forces Stefan to save Matt before her and she dies at the bottom of the lake. Dobrev, excuse the pun, kills it in this scene with some of the most amazing underwater acting we’ve ever seen. We find out that Elena’s injuries from her bout with Alaric in the penultimate episode of Season 3 were a lot more serious than Dr. Fell let on and she died with vampire blood in her system.

And now Elena is dead, well, undead. Will they be able to stop her transition? You can watch a new clip from Season 4 of the Salvatore brothers fighting over what they can or can not do to help her below.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 PM on The CW.

Do you think Elena’s transition can be stopped? What are you theories on Season 4? Sound off in the comments below!