‘X Factor’ Recap: Two Strikes and Krysten Colon Freaks Out (VIDEO)

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'X Factor' Ratings Rise
The FOX show's viewership improved in its second week.
FOXs The X Factor’s new judge Britney Spears found herself in familiar territory on Thursday’s audition show in Greensboro, N.C. She started the episode feeling relaxed and at home in the South. That would change very quickly.

A storm was a-brewing and it wasn’t just the weather. The one-hour episode leaned heavily on dramatics and over-the-top tantrums using the thunder as punctuation for the fits of crazy.

One singer in particular, Krysten Colon, not only fooled the judges but the audience into thinking she may just be the sweetest little thing in town. She said things like, “I just got the courage to share what I hear in the shower.” That earned an “aw” from Britney.

So, how could she turn a 180 so quickly?

Krysten first auditioned with Adele’s “Don’t You Remember,” but Simon Cowell felt her voice was too similar to the British singer. So, he gave her another chance and asked her if she’d come back with a new song – something classic that she could put her own spin on.

After the 21-year-old feverishly worked backstage, she returned to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Big mistake. Even some of the most accomplished singers can’t give that song justice. And so Krysten’s inexperience and vocal shortfalls were highlighted.

Cue the lightning, which ended our misery by interrupting Krysten’s audition. Having made clear that the girl’s voice isn’t up to par, she got a unanimous no from the judges. What comes next can only be filed in the crazy bin.

Krysten had a full-on freak out, refusing to shoot anymore, throwing water on the cameras and lifting chairs over her head. After security was called, she ran out into the rain like a wild animal. Oh, lohdie. Did she have us fooled?

Thankfully, we had a few acts who actually did have major talent… and aren’t insane (but we’ve been fooled before). There was Willie Jones, a punkish-looking 17-year-old who unexpectedly pulled out a country twang on “Your Man” by Josh Turner. There was Julia Bullock, 18, whose four-yes performance effectively broke up her band. And then 36-year-old single dad, Jeffrey Gutt, whose take on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” earned the title, “one of the most brilliant auditions Simon has heard.”

I won’t even go into the toothless 47-year-old Kalvin McManigle. It was a moment that made me wish I wasn’t recapping the show and could switch to something else while he was on. What a waste of my time.

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