‘Partners’ Stars Sophia Bush and Michael Urie Talk Their New Characters Vs. Old Favorites

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When CBS premieres its new half-hour comedy, Partners, on Monday night, you may notice some of the actors from a pair of your old favorite TV shows, One Tree Hill and Ugly Betty.

Sophia Bush and Michael Urie star in this hilarious new buddy comedy also featuring David Krumholtz and Brandon Routh. Partners is based upon the 30-plus year friendship of its creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Krumholtz plays the straight and narrow Joe who is best friends and business partners with the spontaneous Louis (Urie). Joe proposes to Ali (Bush) in the pilot setting the tone for the series. Urie is involved with Routh’s male nurse character, Wyatt.

Recently, Celebuzz was able to catch up with both Bush and Urie at the Paley Center for Media’s Fall TV Preview Panels to get their take on how their characters on Partners differ from their previous roles.

Bush, who played mean girl Brooke on the CW hit, One Tree Hill, told us her new character is much more similar to her own personality. “She’s more similar to who I am,” says the 30-year-old actress. “In the beginning of One Tree it was hard for me to play certain parts of Brooke because she was really out there but her heart was always in the right place. Ali also has a really good heart and has such a true love for Joe.”

What did Urie tell us about how Louis is different from the devious Mark he played on ABC’s Ugly Betty?

“Ok, well the guy on Ugly Betty was extremely conniving and would do anything to get ahead. He was fascinated with all things of fashion and kind of wanted to be Vanessa Williams, “ said Urie. “Louis would probably hate Vanessa Williams and try to tell her how to be different. He is not about fashion. It’s way more about how interesting he is. He actually is a hard worker. He doesn’t feel like sniveling his way to the top.”

While Louis and Mark are very different on the outside, Urie, 32, did remark that there is at least one similarity between the two characters.

‘They’re both spontaneous and that I love,” he exclaimed.

He continued, “That was my favorite thing about playing Mark because between me and you now that the show is over, the clothes were so uncomfortable. Sometimes I was painted in to those things so that was not my favorite part. The favorite part was the spontaneity. The fun stuff that Vanessa and I would come up with in the moment. This character is also very spontaneous. I love going back to that.”

Partners premieres Monday night at 8:30 PM on CBS.

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