New ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Ex Girlfriend Says ‘He’s An Awesome Guy’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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The newly-announced BachelorSean Lowe is looking for love and he’s getting some support from an unlikely ally – his ex girlfriend.

Brooke Sorenson Nix, who dated Sean in 2008, tells Celebuzz she was ecstatic to hear her former flame was chosen for the title role of the hit ABC reality show and she hopes Sean finds what he’s looking.

What does she say about the new reality stud?

“I think he’s an awesome guy and I’m super happy for him,” said Nix, who’s married to Philadelphia Phillies baseball player Laynce Nix.

Other family and friends also couldn’t be happier for the Dallas businessman, who made his TV debut on last season’s The Bachelorette when he fell head over heels for North Carolina single mom Emily Maynard, but only made it to the final three before packing his bags.

Sean’s brother-in-law Andrew Shull says it took his best friend and family member a long time to get over Maynard, who is now engaged to Utah entrepreneur Jef Holm.

“After The Bachelorette he was heartbroken. But the great thing about Sean is his ability to bounce back,” Andrew revealed to Celebuzz. “He knows how to move forward and look at the positive side.”

Sean actually introduced his brother-in-law to his wife (his sister Shay) — so Andrew wanted to help him meet the future Mrs. Lowe by nominating the 28-year-old for The Bachelorette, said Shull’s mother, Cheryl.

“When he nominated Sean he said, ‘The least I can do is return the favor,’” she laughed.

But listen closely ladies, Andrew has some insider advice for those hoping to win his best friend’s heart.

“Sean has dated many types of girls, so there isn’t a type of girl he’s looking for. But she’d have to be someone with the same goals, interests, down to earth and loves family,” he said. “He’s searching for his type.”

Cheryl thinks the perfect girl will be just like Sean: “She’ll be a fine Christian woman. She would just have to be genuine and sensitive person.”

One thing fans will love about the entrepreneur is his sense of humor, says his BFF.

“He’s so funny and just fun to be around,” Andrew said.

And whether or not he’s engaged or just dating at the end of the reality show run — which has already started filming in Los Angeles and Dallas — Andrew said the outcome doesn’t matter to him.

“I just want him to be happy, whatever that means,” he added. “He’s one of the most down-to-earth, genuine individuals. I have never met someone who doesn’t like Sean.”