Johnny Lewis Dead: Alleged Attack Victim Had ‘Blood All Over His Face,’ Black Eye, Says Eyewitness (EXCLUSIVE)

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Johnny Lewis Dead
Actor was found dead after allegedly killing his landlady.
Johnny Lewis' Rap Sheet
There were three 2012 arrests before fatal incident.
Dan Blackburn, one of the men allegedly attacked by Johnny Lewis on Wednesday, was left bruised and bloodied by the Sons of Anarchy actor shortly before Lewis’ death, eyewitness Maria Marcado tells Celebuzz exclusively.

“He had blood all over his face,” Marcado revealed Thursday, adding Blackburn also suffered a black eye from the violent incident.

“[Blackburn] said he hired a painter who was painting his front deck on a ladder and was attacked out of nowhere,” she continued. “No one knew where [Lewis] came from. He just started punching Dan and the painter.”

Lewis, 28, was found dead early Wednesday morning in Los Feliz., Calif., after he allegedly murdered his 81-year-old landlady, identified by coroner’s officials as Catherine Davis.

Initial police reports concluded that Lewis likely fell onto the driveway of the property, either from the stairway, balcony or one of the roofs.

“Dan said it looked like he may have jumped from his balcony to the neighboring house and didn’t realize how far it was and didn’t make it,” Marcado told Celebuzz.

Marcado, who works for one of Blackburn’s neighbors, says she first noticed something was awry when she heard loud screaming on the way home from the market.

“As soon as I parked, I heard a loud screaming from a male voice, [saying], ‘Stop, you’re hurting me,'” she said.

Marcado says she approached the scene of the incident with her next-door neighbor after the neighbor failed to see anything on his first pass. It was then that they discovered Lewis’ body.

“I saw a male laying in the driveway. I don’t know how he ended up there,” she said.

“He didn’t look hurt at all,” she continued. “He didn’t have a scratch on him.”

Lewis — who was released from prison just six days ago, on Sept. 21, following a string of arrests — was perhaps best known for his work on Sons of Anarchy and The OC.


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