‘Pitch Perfect’ vs. ‘Looper’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

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Whether you’re into musicals or noirs, cinemas this weekend has got it all as contenders Pitch Perfect and Looper go head-to-head for box office supremecy.

Though one’s a feel-good flick while another is a psychological thriller, both deal with their main characters being haunted by their past.

How? Celebuzz is breaking down this week’s new theaterical releases.

In Pitch Perfect, fictitious a capella girl group the Barton Bellas must overcome their humiliating loss during last year’s national competition when one of their members accidentally vomited on the audience during a bout with nerves.

Dedicated in reclaiming the championship title, the Bellas recruits Beca (played by Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (BridemaidsRebel Wilson) and a handful of other campus misfits to revamp their style.

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis‘ character is literally haunted by his past in director Rian Johnson‘s new mind-bending movie, Looper.

Also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film centers around a near-distant future when time travel has been invented but outlawed, only used by the most powerful men in the mob.

Gordon-Levitt’s character Joe is a “looper,” an assassin who kills and disposes men who are sent back in time to die. Unfortunately, his latest victim happens to be his future self (played by Willis) and the younger Joe must hunt him down in order to close the time paradox they’ve created.

Still confused? Watch the movie’s trailer below.

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