TLC’s ‘Secret Princes’ Preview: Is Lord Robert Walters the Worst Wingman Ever? (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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TLC orders additional episodes of the hit series.
There’s definitely an imbalance in TLC’s Secret Princes house when it comes to the guys’ confidence with women. That comes to a head on the next episode and Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek.

Lord Robert Walters has a lot to be confident about. Not only is he rich and holds the title first held by Henry the VIII, he’s a fitness and underwear model. Um, that can definitely make someone pretty fearless when it comes to approaching women.

And with all those blessings, you’d think he’d help his royal roommates out a bit with their own game.

“On the show, I said to the guys, ‘There will not be a case where I’ll ever steal a girl off you,’” Lord Rob told us when he dropped by the Celebuzz Studios this week.

He added, “If [one of the guys] said to me, ‘Rob, I really like this girl,’ I’d step aside every single time, absolutely without question.”

Of course, he does point out that ultimately women are in charge. “It’s kind of down to the women’s decision,” he tells us.

“If the woman decided that she wanted to go on a date with me and she wanted me to take her out, then that’s completely taken out of my hands.”

Watch our exclusive clip above to see just how Lord Rob handles a situation in which his castmate Prince Salad had his eye on a girl first.

And below, watch part of our interview with Lord Rob about finding love and learning about life without the comforts of their titles on Secret Princes. Also, find out about Lord Rob’s bromantic relationship over at our sister site, Socialite Life.

Secret Princes airs Fridays at 10 PM on TLC.

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