‘Revenge’ Star Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan’s Stripped-Down Season 2 Look, Teases Bisexual Love Triangle (VIDEO)

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'Revenge' S2 Preview
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When ABC’s Revenge returns for its second season on Sunday, fans will meet a slicker, tougher (and may we add more cut) version of Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) partner in vengeance, Nolan.

Gabriel Mann confirmed as much about his tech-rich bachelor character when we caught up with him at Saturday’s Environmental Media Awards in Los Angeles.

Appearing this season with Nolan’s signature boyish locks cut short, the actor’s hair has had some time to grow out a bit. “Tonight was actually a little bit of an homage to the old Nolan,” he tells Celebuzz.

“It was funny, because I was drying my hair out of the shower and it’s been so short,” he explains. “And all of a sudden, I said, ‘Oh, the old Nolan!’ In celebration of Season 2, I think I’ll rock it. You’re probably not going to see it for a minute or two this year.”

What lies ahead for Nolan on Season 2?

On the show’s sophomore outing, Nolan decides that he’ll need to toughen up, work out and even learn some self defense if he’s going to continue helping Emily on her quest to find her father’s killer and track down her long lost mother (played by guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh).

“Yeah, it’s sort of an evolution of that character, which is in keeping with the new look that he’s got, maybe simplifying the preppy clown look that he was rocking last year,” the former model says.

He does make sure to say that just because Nolan is taking his style down a notch, the series is “certainly not turning down the volume on scandal and lots of very poor, in retrospect, decisions and criminal activity in The Hamptons this year. It’s going to be a wonderful mess to witness, I think. I’m having so much fun doing it so far.”

On Season 1, Nolan entered into a gay affair with the season’s murderous “Talented Mister Ripley” character, Tyler (Ashton Holmes). And we know that he will have a female love interest this season in Padma (Greek’sDilshad Vadsaria), a witty employee at his tech company who’s described as his intellectual match.

But, watch for Nolan’s “Three on the Kinsey Scale” to go up a bit as he teases that Tyler won’t be the last guy Nolan has a fling with.

“Everybody gets a love interest. I may get multiples, any number of genders,” Mann, 40, teases. “We will see. I was trying to imagine what was the first … has there been a bisexual love triangle on primetime TV? I think we’re going to explore that.”

That sounds epic. Watch our interview with Mann at the EMAs above.

Revenge returns for its second season Sunday at 9 PM on ABC. Watch a steamy sneak peek of Nolan bringing hotness to the boxing ring below.

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