Simon Cowell Gets Sheep Placenta Facials to Stay Young: 10 Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments (GALLERY)

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Ewwww. Or should that be ewe?

The secret to Simon Cowell‘s youthful appearance has been revealed — but it isn’t pretty.

The X Factor mogul has been indulging in sheep placenta facials in a bid to keep wrinkles at bay.

So has Cowell unlocked the fountain of youth?

The 52-year-old has reportedly tried everything from Botox to vitamin injections but has now turned to livestock to look good.

According to his beauty therapist Linda – who treats him at the Beverly Hills Lancer dermatology clinic – Cowell has fallen for the facial in a big way.

“He loves it,” she revealed on the UK television show Lorraine.

So how does it work?

Cowell’s skin is prepped with a 30-minute exfoliation and beamed with an LED light to open his pores.

A therapist then applies the stem cells from New Zealand reared sheep – in the form of a gel that is mixed with 24 carat gold flakes.

While there’s no proof that the unorthodox treatment can turn back time, Cowell is looking good these days, even though he’s now sitting next to stars nearly half his age on the X Factor.

But Cowell’s not the only star to go to extreme measures to look good…

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