‘Clueless’ Reunion: 5 OMG Behind-the-Scenes Facts About the Totally Rad Film From the Cast

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'Clueless' Reunion
Paul and Alicia reunite after 'Clueless'!
In 1995, Clueless heroine Cher Horowitz was America’s trendsetting, catchphrase-spouting sweetheart. More than 17 years later, teenage girls are still wishing Cher were their BFF.

But if you asked Alicia Silverstone if she thought she’d still be getting recognized today for her starring role in the 90’s high school flick, she’d probably say, “As if!”

“I thought, ‘Who is this girl?’” Silverstone toldEntertainment Weekly for the cult teen comedy’s class reunion. “I had nothing in common with her at all. I thought she was a materialistic, annoying little b****.”

EW rounded up the cast of Clueless for an in-depth oral history of the high school classic. Here are just a few totally rad behind-the-scenes facts we learned about the film — including that it was originally pitched as a TV series to Fox TV under the title No Worries. 

1. Unlike Beverly Hills’ most fashionable teenager Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone was totally clueless about fashion.

“I didn’t understand fashion at all,” Silverstone toldGood Morning America on the set of EW’s reunion photo shoot. “I had to do 60 changes … I hated the clothes. I just didn’t get it. Then when I saw the movie I was like, ‘I understand!’”

However, by the end of the film’s production, Silverstone had borrowed more than a few items from Cher’s fashion closet.

“I thought the clothes were so wonderful, by the end I wanted all of them,” she toldEW. “I took a few things here and there. I didn’t do a very good job at saving any of them. I was stupid about that whole thing. I think I gave them all away.”

2. Emma? Who’s Emma? Clueless was based on Jane Austen’s classic 1815 novel Emma, but 17-year-old Silverstone had no idea at the time.

“I had no idea,” she told EW. “I’m so embarrassed. When I was done with the movie they told me about Emma. And I read the book and I was like, Wow, Amy did such a good job. I was reading it and I’d be like, Hey, there’s Justin Walker’s character!”

3. Silverstone accidentally mispronounced “Haitians” in the classroom scene — and director Amy Heckerling liked it so much, she kept it in the film.

“The first day we shot the scene in debate class. And Alicia said, the Hate-i-ans instead of Haitians, and everybody started to run up to her and tell her it was wrong. I had to stop them,” Heckerling told the magazine. “It’s much funnier the way she said it. That was Cher.”

4. Donald Faison didn’t think the film would be a hit. As if!

“When we were making the movie, you don’t think the movie’s going to be good,” said Faison. “You think, I’m making the next License to Drive. You think this movie’s going to be just for teenagers and that’s it.”

5. The cast was totally clueless when it came to the film’s ultra hip lingo — “Whatever,” “Baldwin,” “Bettys & Barneys,” and “Monet” to name a few. 

“I had no idea what the hell I was saying,” Faison told EW. “What’s going postal mean? And when they explained to me what it meant, I thought, ‘That’s really messed up!'”

For more interesting tidbits from the cast of Clueless and other famous casts, pick up Entertainment Weekly’s annual reunions issue, on stands this week.