Justin Bieber’s Game Night: Was the Underage Superstar Playing Beer Pong?

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TMZ has uncovered a photo of the 18-year-old, who is not yet old enough to drink in either the US or Canada, apparently participating in a game of beer pong. The site says the picture was taken nearly a year-and-a-half ago when the teen star would have been just 17.

Even though Bieber isn’t shown drinking in the photo, the situation still isn’t favorable for the teen idol.

There seems to be some dispute about where the photo was taken: one source tells TMZ it was either Canada or Georgia, while another anonymous source claims it was snapped in Alabama this past June. Regardless of the time and location, the  superstar would have still been underage.

Hopefully, Bieber has changed his ways since the beer pong incident. According to Now, he signed a sobriety contract with his management in September, claiming that he won’t drink until he’s 21. The magazine reports that he agreed to the terms to ease his mother’s fears after she heard rumors of his drinking.

An insider told Now: “Justin’s had a pledge drawn up by his attorney vowing not to touch alcohol until he turns 21 and gave it to his mom, copying in his mentor Usher.”

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