‘Couples Therapy’ Stars Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen Talk ‘Barbie’ Courtney Stodden (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Stodden's New Look
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Former Real Housewives of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen checked into VH1’s Couples Therapy to fix their broken marriage  — unlike their castmate, 18-year-old Courtney Stodden, who McCord says “wasn’t taking it seriously.”

“A teenager just doesn’t have the life experience that even a 20-year-old or 40-year-old has had,” McCord told Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down with her and van Kempen. “Everybody else was emotionally raw and laying themselves bare. Even Doug went there,” she said, referring to Stodden’s husband, Doug Hutchison, “but she wasn’t taking it seriously.”

Clearly, the infamous teen bride wasn’t winning over any supporters in the Couples Therapy house. McCord said she felt distracted by Stodden’s “airy-fairy” presence in the group therapy sessions.

What did McCard say was “difficult” about Stodden?

“It’s difficult when you are reliving your deepest, darkest moments in your relationship and you’re being really brutal and honest and everyone is crying, to then have this airy-fairy cheerleader there who’s not participating in any meaningful way,” she said.

However, Stodden’s reality camera-time was limited — because at the time of production, she was still a minor.

“There were actually only four-and-a-half couples because under the California state law, [Courtney] was a minor and could only stay in the house for seven hours a day,” van Kempen told Celebuzz. “So Doug had to sleep by himself, so that changed the dynamic greatly.”

“When she wasn’t on set, Doug would go sit in his room and sulk,” added van Kempen. “He was pining for his Barbie doll.”

Couples Therapy Season 2 premieres Wednesday at 10 PM on VH1. Check out McCord and van Kempen in action on the VH1 series, below.

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