Hugh Jackman Turns 44: See the Actor’s Sexiest Shirtless Moments (PHOTOS)

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Shirtless Hugh
Hugh Jackman shows off his buff beach body!
'Wolverine' First Look
Hugh Jackman is jacked in 'The Wolverine' poster.
Wolverine is turning the big 4-4.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman‘s birthday is this Friday, though many of his fans will agree that he hasn’t aged one bit like his X Men character, Logan.

In September, the first promo photo of the Hollywood hunk in the upcoming spinoff, The Wolverine, hit the web. Looking ripped, the actor flaunted as rock-hard abs and buff arms as he struck a battle pose with his adamantium claws.

How did Jackson manage to bulk up — and keep — his bulging muscles?

To prepare for the role, Jackman reportedly ate six meals a day and received diet tips from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on how to train for the movie.

Johnson suggested that Jackman should eat 6,000 calories a day for six months, which Jackman told Entertainment Weekly consisted of “an awful lot of chicken, steak and brown rice.”

Needless to say, that diet definitely paid off.

What do you think? Celebrate the Aussie’s birthday and launch the gallery above to see his sexiest shirtless moments — above.

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