‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Christina Applegate Is a ‘Californian’; Usain Bolt Strikes Twice (VIDEOS)

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SNL Newbies
Maya Rudolph has some advice for the newcomers.
Daniel Craig hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guests Muse.
Christina Applegate celebrated her first hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in nearly two decades through her singing chops, “Californian” attitude and surprise guest Usain Bolt.

Applegate, 40, opened the show with a musical number celebrating the current holiday-free season.

“This is my favorite time of year because there are no holidays yet. No decorations. No cards. No weird family tension. And not every single thing tastes like pumpkin! Just one last glorious weekend when no one’s celebrating anything,” she said, before breaking out into song with some SNL players.

Meanwhile, Bolt received a very warm welcome during the episode’s cold opening, a re-creation of this week’s vice presidential debate, when Paul Ryan (played by Taran Killam) mentioned he won the 100 meter dash at the London games this summer.

What were some other highlights from Saturday’s episode?

The hilarious “Californians” soap opera sketch returned with a bang, as Applegate played Brie, Stuart’s (Fred Armisen) bride-to-be with several secrets up her sleeves.

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