‘Glee’s’ Alex Newell Teases ‘Marique,’ ‘Big Songs’ Ahead, Lobbies for Unique’s Love Life (VIDEO)

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Alex Newell may not have officially won the first season of The Glee Project, but since his guest appearance on FOX’s Glee has turned into a recurring role for this fourth season, he has been crowned the real winner in his own way.

“I’ve learned how to be consistent, because I’m usually a Broadway actor. I do stage eight shows a week and have to make it different every night to work with the crowd. But this is, I’m doing it over and over again. And then to have the rest and the conservation of being able to know when it’s enough and when it’s not enough so you don’t burn yourself out,” Newell shared with Celebuzz at FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum premiere in Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday.

“I’ve learned my body and myself as a person and a performer,” he added.

What can we expect from Newell’s Unique in Glee?

Newell’s Unique is one of the newer New Directions kids, but there has really been no period of adjustment. Unique’s talent —and big personality— fits right in. And soon, Newell previewed, you will see just how much Unique has in common with at least one other member of the glee club.

“You’re going to see the friendship between Marley and Unique, and I’m going to call them Marique. We’re friends in real life, and we’re friends on the show now, and it’s really fun because you see how we just feed off each other for the moral support,” Newell said.

“I think that’s kind of really nice. I love it. I have like an actual best, best friend, and I love it,” he added.

What Unique doesn’t have yet, though, is a boyfriend, and Newell was adamant about wanting one — anyone — “a breathing one.”

“I hope we that we both get boyfriends. I can’t reiterate that [enough]!” Newell laughed, speaking for himself and his character.

And maybe there will be a chance to. With the upcoming musical, Grease, about to be underway, Newell teased a few “big songs” for Unique but played coy with specifics. Unique has showed major star power on past numbers, though, and that kind of stage presence and commanding of attention is bound to turn a few heads and catch a few eyes.

“I want to say “Starships” was real — realreal — because it was a two shoot day and that split lift, up, back down, and having to do it over again, it was a little grueling!” Newell said when asked of most challenging performances so far.

“Two days of that. And “Boogie Shoes” because my boogie shoes didn’t want to stay on my boogie feet so they kept boogie breaking! They had two pairs on standby just in case they decided ‘Hey I’m going to break now.’ I feel like those were my toughest.”

For more on Newell’s experiences on Glee, be sure to check out our full video interview, above.

What song do you hope to hear Newell sing? And who would you cast as Unique’s boyfriend? Let us know your picks in the comments below!

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