‘The New Normal’s’ Jayson Blair Weighs in on the Show’s Conservative Protestors: ‘It’s Sad’ (VIDEO)

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You’re about to see a lot more of Jayson Blair on NBC’s new series The New Normal. And we’re not just talking about his character’s penchant for walking around in just his drawers (OK, that too).

Since appearing on the show’s first few episodes, Blair has been promoted to a series regular. He plays Clay, Goldie’s (Georgia King) philandering ex and Shania’s (Bebe Wood) father. And when you consider that Goldie is pregnant with a gay couple’s child, one can see the hilarious complications for everyone involved once Clay comes back into the picture.

But, don’t confuse the 28-year-old actor with his simple-minded character. The actor stopped by Celebuzz’sThe Daily Buzz and tells us he’s quite the sensitive guy – a frequent supporter of charities and a poet.

“It’s only in very manic states,” Blair says of when he writes poetry. “Or like supreme elation.”

So, what does the expressive actor think of the conservative protests over The New Normal?

When we asked the sensitive hunk about the protests from conservative media watchdog groups — such as One Million Moms — over the comedy’s gay family themes, Blair had plenty to say.

“To me, it’s sad,” he says. “For starters, it’s One Million Moms and there’s only like 40,000 of them… That’s a little deceptive. You’re starting it out under the bar. So, that’s a start as far as I feel about them.”’

The actor says he finds the protests disturbing, because “it’s a very primitive way of thinking.”

“[Being gay] not a choice,” he continues. “It’s just who you are and you have to accept people for who [they] are.”

He says the show is definitely aimed at enlightening viewers. “It’s funny, it’s heartfelt,” he explains. “It’s not a show about two gay people. It’s a show about family, all different types of family.”

Watch our full interview with Blair above.

The New Normal airs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM on NBC.

What are your thoughts on the conservative protests against the show? Sound off below.

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