‘Alex Cross’ Star Matthew Fox on Slimming Down to Play a Serial Killer (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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After successfully playing steadfast, heroic Jack Shepard on Lost for six seasons, Matthew Fox can be forgiven for seeming a little bit like his character in real life – committed, serious and intensely sincere.

But in the new film Alex Cross, he exceeds expectations by transforming himself — mentally and physically — into a serial killer with a pitch-black soul.

Speaking to Celebuzz, Fox says he felt like the character’s look was a natural extension of his personality.

“I thought he looked like a man who does what he does and is intelligent has to build a really intense construct to rationalize his compulsions,” Fox says. “I think to support that construct requires so much energy that he would look like that.”

How did Fox come up with a personality profile for his killer character?

Fox explains that the character was very well-defined in the script, but he spent several months developing those initial details into something even more substantial.

“The guy in the script was pretty flashy and unique,” Fox says. “And then I started asking questions and trying to find out why and how, and that process went on for months until I started to feel like I really understood him.”

Despite the meticulousness of his preparation, Fox insists that looking at the character’s childhood – the events that formed his twisted personality – was less important than his self-justifications as an adult.

“The back story wasn’t important to me as finding out why he does it – what his overriding purpose, his mission statement is,” he reveals. “What would this man in a room by himself tell himself is the reasons for what he does?”

See what Fox’s character tells himself when Alex Cross opens nationwide on October 19. Watch the film’s theatrical trailer below.

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