Model-Actress Laetitia Casta Says Using Photoshop in Magazines Is ‘Bulls***’ (INTERVIEW)

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Supermodel-turned-actress Laetitia Casta isn’t a fan of magazines using Photoshop to enhance their fashion spreads. In fact, she thinks the whole process is “bulls***.”

“When I started, Photoshop did not exist,” Casta, 34, revealed to Celebuzz while promoting her new movie, The War of the Buttons. It was more about having a personality and trying to make people dream.”

Casta, who has been on over 100 magazine covers, says she’s vigilant when it comes to teaching her three children about the reality of the business, especially her two daughters.

“I explain to them that the pictures are not the reality,” she said.

This month, Casta stars in The War of the Buttons, a film about two rival gangs who stage a fake war amid the real-life horros of Nazi-occupied France.

“In France, they always talk about the war in school,” she explained. “It’s everywhere around you, even if you don’t want to hear about it. You’re going to hear about it.”

The former Guess model says she has heard all about the War and France’s treatment of Jews because she is friends with an 85 year old man who has told her about his wartime experiences.

When asked if it’s a little unusual for a young woman to be friends with an octogenarian, she scoffs.

“He is an interesting man! He’s so smart! I love him and he told me stories so when the project came to me I thought I had to do it.”

Casta admits that when she first wanted to become an actress, she encountered a lot of skepticism — but it only made her try harder.

“I could feel people judging me but you always have to fight in life. People were demanding but I was demanding too. So it was fine.”

The War of the Buttons is now playing in limited release.

Written by Nicki Gostin

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