‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Producer Oren Peli on the Future of the Frightening Franchise (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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It took almost two years for Oren Peli to get 2009’s Paranormal Activity into theaters, but the writer-director has since shepherded another installment of the franchise into theaters every year since.

Remarkably, Peli says that he worked out only a tiny bit of what has evolved into a complex – and hugely successful – series mythology.

“The only part we had worked out was a little bit of what you saw in the third one, with Katie and her sister when they were young,” he tells Celebuzz. “We built that into the first one, not that we ever thought there was going to be a sequel that was going to explore it.”

Why then did he create a backstory for Katie Featherston’s character?

Peli explains that the ideas he came up with were really just to help his actors get into character.

“[It was] an exercise for Katie [Featherston] and Micah [Sloat] as actors,” he says. “We built a history, and that was part of the history. But that never had anything to do with a cult or a coven or Hunter; that was written for the second one.”

With four films under his belt, Peli is grateful for how well each has done in theaters, but insists he doesn’t take the series’ continued success for granted.

“We never want to delude ourselves into thinking, ‘Oh, there’s going to be three more, there’s going to be five more,’” he says. “So we want to make sure each one stands on its own, and services the mythology of the franchise.”

“But we don’t want to answer all of the questions. We want to answer some questions and leave a few things open-ended, so that if we get to do a fifth one, we have a few options.”

Watch the rest of Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Peli above. Also, see an exclusive clip of audiences’ reactions to the film below.

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