‘Jersey Shore’ Star Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley: I’m Not Dieting for My Wedding Day (EXCLUSIVE)

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'Shore' stars congratulate JWOWW on her engagement.
Although Jenni “JWoww” Farley is focused on living a healthy lifestyle these days, the Jersey Shore star and bride-to-be told Celebuzz she isn’t worried about squeezing into her wedding dress.

“Everybody always looks at their wedding pictures [and says], ‘Ugh! I wish I was that skinny,'” said Farley, who confirmed her engagement to longtime boyfriend Roger Mathews in September. “They put themselves through hell to get that skinny — and it never lasts. That’s one of those things, like crash-course dieting and crash-course working out.”

“So, I always say, Be yourself on your wedding day,” she continued. “Don’t go to that extent of ridiculousness, because you’re only going to look back a couple months later and then years later and be like, ‘Oh I wish I could do that,” or ‘I wish I looked like that.'”

“People forget what they did to look like that,” said Farley, 26. “So my big thing from here until whenever my wedding day is just to live healthy — exercise 30 minutes a day, [do] some cardio, weight training, substitute some of my carbs that I love for some natural carbs like vegetables, take your supplements … and just live your life so on your wedding day you feel healthy and you’re not starving in your wedding dress and ready to wolf down the whole cake.”

Speaking of supplements, Farley recently teamed up with Ab Cuts, an all-natural dietary supplement.

“I like to think of it as the ultimate vitamin, in a sense,” she said of the product. “It’s just such a good supplement to have … [It] gives you the essential oils and the essential fatty acids that people really don’t get throughout the day, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle.”

“The biggest thing for me is that it’s all-natural,” she continued, “With my crazy lifestyle, I have enough unnatural things going on. [Laughs] As long as I can take one thing a day that is ‘good,’ that’s all-natural and healthy — it’s not coffee; it’s not caffeine; it’s nothing crazy — that benefits me alone, just by doing that.”

By focusing on staying healthy, Farley said she feels more perfect than she’s ever felt before.

“[During season 1 of Jersey Shore], I was binge drinking and going out and getting pizza at 4AM and cheese balls. In Italy, I got really skinny, but I was running myself ragged. Now, I’m kind of more muscular, but I can get up after six hours of sleep and be wide awake for the day. Whereas two years ago, you’d have to drag me by my hair, because I was still digesting the grossness from the day of.”

“The overall lifestyle changes that I’ve made have made me such a better person,” she added.

With wedding bells on the horizon, Farley said she wants to maintain what she’s doing, especially as she starts to think about having children.

“I do want to set goals for myself,” she said. “Obviously, I want to have kids one day; but I really want to have a healthy lifestyle prior to having kids, so that when I do ever decide to get pregnant it’s not such a shock.”

“I want to be able to run a marathon prior,” she added. “I want to set up small goals so by the time I do decided to have kids and a family, I’m the healthiest I will be in all my years of living.”

As for the wedding itself, Farley says she isn’t quite sure yet when it will happen.

“I’d like to say next year, around summertime,” she said, “But every time I keep looking into that, I’m hearing like, You have to plan, like, a year in advance for a venue and blah, blah, blah, and it takes this month for this invitation … And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.'”

“My goal is next summer, but I haven’t even picked the venue yet. [Laughs]”

To learn more about Ab Cuts products, click here.

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