Election 2012: 10 Things to Know About the Romney Family (GALLERY)

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As America counts down the days until the big election that will determine who will sit in the President of the United States’ chair for the next four years, Celebuzz is bringing voters the 10 most interesting facts about the Romney clan.

Since kicking off his election campaign, Romney has toured the country with his loving and growing family in tow. Sons Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig, along with their wives and children, have frequently been spotted on the campaign trail, conventions and debate sidelines all campaign season long.

But does it ever get too much, with so many Romneys around?

“We’re so used to having so many around: the five boys, the five daughters-in-law, the 18 grandchildren. We’re not happy unless we have a big, big group going on around us,” Ann confessed on The Rachel Ray Show on Thursday.

For more on the Romney family, check out the gallery, above. What do you think is the most interesting thing about Mitt and Ann Romney? Sound off below.

Be sure to check out Celebuzz’s continued full coverage of the 2012 election, through Election Day on Nov. 6.

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