Jennifer Aniston Reveals She ‘Stopped Dieting’ as Her Slim Down Secret: 9 Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Diet (GALLERY)

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Her body is the envy of women around the globe, but Jennifer Aniston‘s secret to staying slim isn’t some crazy Hollywood diet.

The former Friends star, 43, says the key to her killer curves doesn’t involve cutting out her favorite foods — in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“I stopped dieting when I figured out that you just have to eat regularly and properly within moderation,” Aniston told Now magazine. “The fads are too much.”

While many celebrities credit staying out of the sun for their complexions, Aniston says it’s important to catch a few rays from time to time.

“I think it’s really about – honestly, this is going to sound silly – going in the sun for 20 minutes a day is really important, vitamin D, because we are now having a vitamin D deficiency because of all the SPF.”

Aniston has plenty to smile about having recently gotten engaged to her fiance, Justin Theroux, 41.

“I think being happy and smiling and laughing a lot too,” she added.

However, this bride-to-be isn’t the only slim celebrity who avoids dieting. Launch the gallery above to see more stars that refuse to ditch their favorite foods.

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