Jewel Talks New Children’s Book, Says She’s ‘Perfectly Happy’ With One Child (INTERVIEW)

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When Jewel was writing songs for her second children’s album, The Merry Goes ‘Round, one song in particular — “That’s What I Do” — resonated with her in a special way.

“I was writing the lyrics out by hand in a journal and seeing the words written without a melody just instantly struck me,” she told Celebuzz in an exclusive chat. “I knew I wanted to make a children’s book out of it.”

And that’s exactly what she did with That’s What I Do, a gorgeous book she says serves as a love letter to her 18-month-old son, Kase.

“I wanted to have it as a love note for my son so he would know how much I loved him,” the Alaskan-born singer said,” but also hopefully inspire him with poetic imagery to really spark his imagination. It was really at quite a young age that I was inspired and intrigued by words. Hopefully we’ll share a love of words.”

Jewel tried for two years to conceive a child with husband Ty Murray, whom she married in 2008. During the process, she never shied away from talking about their personal struggles.

“It didn’t seem like a big deal to talk about,” Jewel — who will soon play June Carter Cash in an upcoming project for Lifetime — told Celebuzz. “My writing has always been very revealing. I’ve always been asked, ‘How can you reveal so much?’ But there’s something very healing about the truth and when you harbor those kinds of things they begin to take on a power of their own.”

“Nothing I’ve written or talked about isn’t something other people haven’t gone through,” she continued. “It’s not like I’ve discovered some new emotion that no other human has had. And it feels good when you can bond over those things.”

Although she managed to get through it successfully, Jewel says that she and Murray “haven’t really been trying” to expand their family any further.

“We’ll see,” she said. “I’m 38, so I’m getting a bit long in the tooth. I’m sure [Kase] would want a sibling, but I’m perfectly happy with one [child].”

— Written by Nicki Gostin

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