‘Dancing With the Stars’ Contestant Sabrina Bryan on Comparisons to ‘All-Stars’ Rival Shawn Johnson (VIDEO)

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Sabrina Bryan and Shawn Johnson may be similar in shape and size, but their performance techniques on Dancing With the Stars are anything but, Bryan tells Celebuzz.

“I think we have different performance aspects. She is really able to contain her excitement; I tend to sometimes let it go,” Bryan, 28, said in our exclusive video interview.

“I think her ability to keep things in, that comes from gymnastics,” she continued. “I for seven years performed in front of six- to 15-year-olds, where all they want is excitement.”

“For me, that is a strength and a holdback; for her, she’s really having to try to let herself go and not hold back. We’re kind of opposites in that way.”

For more on our video interview with Bryan, including her thoughts on cyberbulling and working without her former Dancing partner, Mark Ballas, watch the video, above.

Meanwhile, Celebuzz also talked to Bryan’s partner, Louis van Amstel, to get the scoop on the new fitness DVDs he mae for LaBlast Fitness.

To find out what inspired him to launch the uber-successful DVDs, check out our video interview, below.

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