‘Revenge’ Recap: Aiden Makes a Power Move and Amanda Goes Rogue

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When a show entitled Revenge delivers an episode entitled “Forgiveness” that is any episode but the series finale, you just know that the actual act of forgiving can’t truly be carried out to fruition.

Armed with the new memory that her mother tried to kill her, Emily (Emily VanCamp) set off for the hospital first thing when she learned Amanda (Margarita Levieva) was awake. After all, Mommy Dearest hadn’t yet tried to smother her with a pillow, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t planning something.

Note: Spoilers ahead for Sunday night’s “Forgiveness”.

The first time Emily heard her mother’s voice, directed at her, after all those years was priceless. Her whole body tensed, and you could literally feel how it was taking everything in her power not to attack. Instead, though, she managed to stay calm throughout their brief discussion—even when Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) sidled up and began grilling Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Maybe Emily was just enjoying watching her mother squirm; we know we were!

Kara’s main interest, though, was to get information on her beloved Gordon, so her first stop was Grayson Manor, where she reinserted herself into Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) life like she had just been away at a timeshare in Italy, not presumed dead for two decades. It was a bit of a mind game with the timeline of the flashbacks as Victoria claimed she, too, really believed Kara was dead all this time and then kept up the charade that David had duped them both. Victoria invited Kara to stay in Grayson Manor—you know, so she could go through her things later, not out of the goodness of her heart or anything.

Fearing that Kara already knew too much and was feeding information to members of the Initiative who would not only come after the eldest Graysons, but also the younger ones, Conrad (Henry Czerny) re-proposed to Victoria. Because everyone knows “for better or worse” also means “legally unable to spill secrets testifying against each other.”

Amanda moved into Emily’s house and Emily invited Kara over so the two women could have their official reunion. Surprisingly, Emily confided in Amanda first—the whole story—and even more surprisingly, she didn’t outwardly rage when eavesdropping on Kara trying to make amends with Amanda, or when Amanda said she forgave her. It certainly wasn’t in Emily’s plan, but her emotions must have been raging because she let it slide. We don’t think it was a moment of recalculating; we think it was a moment of sheer grief over everything she lost and the slim chance she could get a fraction of it back. In fact, it had her so turned upside-down she even admitted to Amanda that little baby Carl is actually Jack’s.

Amanda and Emily may be out of harm’s way from both Victoria and Kara right now, but Mason had a trick up his sleeve. He spied Amanda’s bare back in her hospital gown and realized she no longer had the scars from her foster fire. He confronted her at Emily’s house, and she kept quiet, but he left her with what was assumedly copies of his evidence that she’s not the real Amanda Clarke. Let’s hope she chooses to confide swiftly in Emily because she in no way could handle him on her own!

It seemed liked Nolan (Gabriel Mann) was going to have to do a whole lot of his own forgiving, too: first of Emily, for not really being there for him at all, especially now that his dad, too, is dead. He delivered one of the best lines of the episode when he pointed out to her that his dad may not have died in prison, but the loss still hurt. But more importantly, he either has to forgive or take down Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), who was making unauthorized inquiries about his accounts over at Grayson Global. We have to admit, as much as we want Nolan to have a story outside of Emily (and a love interest wouldn’t hurt), she is kind of a dud thus far—certainly no match for his own cunning anyway.

And speaking of Grayson Global, Daniel (Josh Bowman) was still putting on the big boy suit and sitting behind his desk, taking meetings with clients’ proxies and pretending to know what he was doing, but his petchulantly childish emotions bled through and he just couldn’t shut his big mouth about his hatred for his daddy in front of Aiden (Barry Sloane). First of all Daniel, Americans are not known for “honesty” the way you tried to excuse your whining. Second of all, it pisses us off to no end that Aiden is basically helping Daniel get something over on Nolan by implying that Grayson Global owns part of Nolcorp simply because an employee may have invested with personal funds. Corporate America is the biggest bummer; it owns everyone, now Daniel included.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Why the hell was Emily keeping Gordon’s cell phone at all, let alone keeping it on!? Has she learned nothing from Nolan? The locations of cell phones are the easiest things to trace!

Thank you, TV gods: With the Stowaway already cleaned up by the end of the episode, Revenge isn’t dragging out the seemingly unnecessary story of Kenny wanting to buy the bar from the Porters.

Awk-ward: Kara and Victoria’s hug. Let’s be honest: that moment was the definition of the word.

Hotness: Emily woke up next to Aiden after what we are pretending was a night of grief sex after her memories of her mother returned.

Fab-u-lous: Only Nolan would show up to the hospital in such a snazzy suit!

Can. Not. Wait.: Will Emily call upon Aiden for help with Mason or continue to push him away, leaving him to make scorned moves on his own that end up hurting her and her friends?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7

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