’50 Shades of Grey’ Inspires Fashion Trend: Kim Kardashian, Ashley Olsen, Gwyneth Paltrow and 50 More Ways To Go Gray (GALLERY)

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Celebs like Emma Watson are reportedly already gunning for a role in the film version of 50 Shades of Grey, but it’s their wardrobes that have really delved into the gray area.

From Kim Kardashian, to Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Bilson, gray has become Hollywood’s go-to neutral, leading some to wonder: Is gray is the new black?

Like white and black, gray goes with everything. But it’s not as sleek as black or as crisp as white, making gray the perfect in-between hue for a wardrobe basic.

While gray dresses and jeans have been in style for several seasons now, the most popular way to go gray is with a gray … T-shirt?

That’s right — the ubiquity of the gray tee among fashion’s heavy-hitters has earned it staple-status.

The popularity of this basic piece that can become yours for under $10 may be a surprising in a world where you get a Birken bag for giving birth. But considering the transformative power of this cotton wonder, it makes perfect sense to us.

Though it’s a go-to gym staple, cotton tees are also a blazer’s best friend. Pair one underneath a navy, black or even vibrant red, green or yellow jacket and you take the work-wear staple into effortlessly cool territory. Throw it under a leather jacket – and it has an edgy look.

Paired alone with jean shorts or skinnies, a fitted gray tee is the ultimate in weekend-wear: casual, comfy and low-key. Used as a counterpoint to a feminine skirt, it’s less prim than a blouse or button-up for that effortless cool look.

Ready to hop on the gray train for the easiest way to chic? Peruse our gallery of 50 shades of grey T-shirts for tons of ways to style up the cotton basic.

Tune into the video below for more celeb-inspired outfit ideas.

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