Election 2012: A Look Back at Ann Romney’s Campaign Style (GALLERY & VIDEO)

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Ann's Campaign Style
See Romney's fashion for the 2012 election
Michelle Obama's Style
A look at the First Lady's stylish campaign for the White House.
As the race to the White House approaches the finish line, the style showdown between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney has shown no signs of slowing down.

Despite jam-packed campaign schedules in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election, both presidential candidates’ wives have continued to show off their chic campaign style.

Michelle Obama’s style has been praised for over for years now, ever since her husband hit the campaign trail, in 2007.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Ann Romney from grabbing the fashion spotlight herself, thanks to the polished, ladylike looks she’s worn while campaigning by her husband Mitt’s this year.

So how does the First Lady’s campaign competition, Romney, stack up in the style department?

Despite their different political stances, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney aren’t that far apart on the style spectrum. Not only are both ladies fans of bright, bold colors, but they’ve sported similar styles on the campaign trail, even showing up to one of the presidential debates in nearly identical hot pink outfits.

Like Obama, Romney is a fan of bold color, but Romney tends to stick to solids and more conservative silhouettes. Romney has a keen eye for picking out skirt suits and dresses that work for her figure, whether it’s an a-line dress or belted blouse.

Nailing the art of power-dressing, Romney made headlines at the Republican National Convention for her bright red Oscar de la Renta dress.

The wife of the Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney works neutrals with the same panache, wowing in an Alfred Fiandaca white skirt suit for another appearance.

Romney often mixes basics and neutral to get more mileage on the campaign trail. For a town hall meeting in Florida, the 63-year-old paired a hot pink cardigan with a simple black dress to add a notice-me pop of color.

While Romney has been criticized for her tendency to wear pieces by high-end designers like de la Renta and her go-to dress designer Fiandaca, both designers are known for their excellent tailoring, classic silhouettes and high-quality fabrics —  all of which are important elements of dressing with style over the age of 50, especially if you’re embracing bolder colors like Romney often does.

Still, we’ve seen Romney take more risks with her style, sporting the occasional bold pattern and even trying out trendier nail polishes (like Mrs. Obama has been known to do) on the campaign trial this fall.

Who will get your vote for campaign style tomorrow?

Take a closer look at Romney’s latest looks on the campaign trail. Size up her competition with a look at Michelle Obama’s campaign style and get ready to cast your vote in our special election style showdown tomorrow.

For more on Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s campaign style, watch the video above.

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